I have a variety of workshops that I present at homeschool conventions and community events.  Please contact me at Carol @ HomeschoolCPA.com to book me for your convention or event.

I am also a member of the Old Schoolhouse Speakers Bureau

I will be speaking at the following homeschool conventions in 2016

Interested in having me speak at your homeschool convention? Email me at Carol @ HomeschoolCPA.com (remove the spaces)  to book me for your convention or event.

Workshop Topics

Career Exploration for High School Students View Handout

Too many students graduate from high school with no idea what career they should pursue. Homeschool mother and author, Carol Topp, will offer steps, resources and her experiences in helping students pursue a career path unique for them.

Homeschool Co-ops: How to Start Them, Run Them and Not Burn Out view slides here
Homeschool co-ops are becoming very popular! This workshop discusses the benefits and disadvantages of co-ops. You’ll get advice on starting a homeschool co-op such as how to find interested people, how to organize, where to meet, and what problems to anticipate. Learn how to manage conflicts and volunteers, create a budget, collect fees, and pay teachers.

Homeschool Co-ops are Like Marriage: Know What You’re Getting Into! View handout
Carol Topp, CPA, author of Homeschool Co-ops: How to Start Then, Run Them and Not Burn Out, discusses the pros and cons of leading a homeschool co-op. Carol, the Homeschol CPA, consults with homeschool leaders across the country and will share tips on running a successful co-op and the traps you need to avoid. Plenty of time for questions and discussion about homeschool co-ops.

Homeschool Co-ops: The Pros and Cons. Is It Right for Your Family? View Handout
Carol Topp, the HomeschoolCPA, hears of more and more co-ops and tutorials being started by homeschool parents. Is this an exciting new revolution in homeschooling or a terrible mistake? Author of Homeschool Co-ops: How to Start Them, Run Them and Not Burn Out, Carol will share the pros and cons of doing school together with other families, what you need to consider before joining  or starting a co-op, and tips for a great co-op experience.

Who’s Afraid of  the Big, Bad IRS? How the IRS Sees Homeschool Organizations (good for homeschool leaders)  View handout

Presenter, Carol Topp, a homeschooling mother and CPA, has helped over 200 homeschool organizations understand their status with the IRS. She will teach leaders the required filings to keep their homeschool organizations legal but with the least amount of government paperwork and interference. Tips and handouts on required reporting, taxes, and several examples from Carol’s experience will be offered.

The IRS and Your Homeschool Group (good for homeschool leaders)
View handout

If your homeschool group bring in more than $5,000 a year, you may need to be paying taxes to the IRS or better yet become a tax exempt organization. Presenter, Carol Topp, a homeschooling mother and CPA, has helped several homeschooling organizations obtain tax-exempt status with the IRS and will discuss the pros and cons of 501c3 status, offer tips, helpful resources and checklists.


How You (or Your Child) Can Become a Published Author View handout

It is easier than ever to become a publisher author. If you have something to say, write it down and tell the world. Author, Carol Topp will show you how to do it quickly and inexpensively. As the author of Business Tips and Taxes for Writers, and other titles, Carol will explain the process to become a published author.

Learn Real Life Skills While Earning Money: Starting a Micro Business

Wouldn’t it be great to earn money and learn important life skills that are needed every day in adult life? A micro business can help you do that! Presenter Carol Topp, CPA has encouraged hundreds of teenagers to start a micro business and has seen them learn a lot about real life. She’ll offer tips to get you started on launching a viable micro business. Teenagers and their parents are encouraged to attend together!

Micro Business for Teenagers: Starting a Micro Business (Can be Part 1 of a 2-part series or stand alone) (very popular and fills a room every time!) View Handout

Encouragement for teenagers to start and run their own micro business. They will learn a lot while earning some money. A micro business can be started quickly and easily with no debt from home. Presenter Carol Topp, CPA has counseled dozens of teenagers starting a business and will discuss business plans, ideas. Teenagers and their parents are encouraged to attend together!

Hear my interview (8 minutes) in starting a micro business on WDLM Quad Cities here

Micro Business for Teenagers: Running a Micro Business (Can be Part 2 of a 2-part series)View slides

Information for teenagers who wish to run  a successful micro business. Presenter Carol Topp, CPA has counseled dozens of teenagers running  a business and will discuss sales, marketing, taxes and record keeping. She will explain the basics of a business tax return, business deductions and the “hidden” tax on the Form 1040. Carol puts difficult accounting and tax issues into easy-to-understand English. Teenagers and their parents are encouraged to attend together!

We’re Not Raising Children, We’re Raising Grown-Ups View handout
What does your teenager need to know before they become the grown up you want them to be? Carol Topp, homeschool mother, author, accountant, and mentor to teenagers will discuss topics rarely covered in a textbook, but used everyday in adult life such as: career choice, money management and living independently. She will share tips on how to impart important lessons in a natural way and share resources to help you raise a grown-up!

How to Teach Kids About Managing Money (When You’re Not Doing So Great Yourself) View slides

So you don’t consider yourself a financial role model. Take heart, you can still teach your kids financial principles. This workshop offers tips on how to teach your kids the money basics as part of your busy lifestyle. We’ll also discuss what topics to teach at each age from preschoolers to college age.

Teens and Taxes View slides here

Are you confused about whether or not your teenager owes taxes? Do they need to file a tax return? Can they be included on your tax return? Certified Public Accountant (CPA) and tax preparer, Carol Topp will lead a workshop to explain tax laws that apply to teenagers. Whether your student is employed, self-employed or just earning cash by babysitting, Carol can answer your questions. There will be helpful handouts, real life case studies and easy-to-understand explanations. Bring along your teenager! They may learn something!

Record Keeping, Transcripts and Plans for Homeschool High School Students View Handout

Sample Transcript in spreadsheet

Do you have questions on how or what you need to do to home educate your children through high school? How do you keep track of credit hours? Transcripts: what’s required and what’s not? What are colleges looking for? If high school creeping up and you’re not sure if you can do it or just need some guidance, this workshop is helpful and encouraging.