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Here are several  free on-line workshops (webinars) for homeschool leaders:

All the workshops can be found at : HomeschoolCPA’s Workshops at Talkshoe

Paying Workers in a Homeschool Organization

Homeschool leaders, you may have some tax reporting to do for your homeschool group if you hired any workers and paid them for teaching a class, administering a program, leading your group, serving on a board or cleaning and maintaining your space.

  • Volunteers. Can you pay a volunteer? How to reward volunteers.
  • Independent Contractors. What are they? What IRS forms need to be filed?
  • Employees: How are they different from Independent Contractors? What does the IRS require?

In the workshop, I mention these two ebook resources that you may find helpful:

PayingWorkersCoverPaying Workers in a Homeschool Organiaztion ebook. $3.00  download immediately as an ebook

Question and Answers for Homeschool Leaders ebook. $8.00 download immediately as an ebook.

FundRaisersWebinarFundraisers for Homeschool Groups

  • Ideas: Easy fund raisers for your homeschool group
  • Pitfalls to avoid
  • The IRS and Fund Raising: Avoiding stuff that can get you in trouble!

This handout references some links and important information about fund raising pitfalls to avoid. Fundraising Webinar Handout

Listen to this workshop at : HomeschoolCPA’s Workshops at Talkshoe


IRSwebinarThe IRS and Your Homeschool Organization

  • Homeschoolers and the IRS
  • What does 501(c)(3) mean?
  • Is it needed for my group?
  • The benefits of 501c3 tax exempt status
  • The disadvantages too!
  • Why your organization should consider becoming a nonprofit corporation

This handout will be very helpful as you listen to the webinar:IRS and Your Homeschool Org Slide Handout

In the workshop, I mention this book, that you may find helpful:

IRS and Your Homeschool Org cover


Paperback book:The IRS and Your Homeschool Organizations

A 120 page book explaining the pros and cons of tax exempt 501c3 status. Is it needed? Is it worth it? Also covered are non profit incorporation, the application process, and how to maintain tax exempt status. Written specifically for homeschool groups.

Table of Contents
Read Sample Chapter One

Price: $9.95