Tax Exempt Status for Homeschool Support Groups (podcast)


Carol Topp, the Homeschool CPA, explains tax exempt status for homeschool support groups in her latest podcast episode.

She discusses what she learned about tax exemption from a recent webinar conducted by the IRS including:

  • Qualifications to receive automatic tax exemption from the IRS
  • In religious discrimination allowed or not?
  • Mandatory annual reporting to the IRS for support groups

Carol also discusses the advantages of forming as a nonprofit corporation.

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IRS and Your Homeschool Org coverCover Money Mgmt HS Org

Carol’s book, The IRS and Your Homeschool Organization, discusses the advantages of tax exempt status for homeschool organizations.

Carol also mentioned her book, Money Management in a Homeschool Organization.


Carol’s podcast, the Dollars and Sense Show, airs twice a month at If you’re a homeschool leader you might find these other podcasts helpful:

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Teaching Teenagers and Recent Grads About Money (podcast)


My latest podcast episode is part 2 of a presentation on how to teach kids about managing money. I explain the important lessons to teach high school students and young adults.

Listen here.

This Handout lists helpful resources for teaching teenagers about managing money.


This is part 2 of a two-part presentation. Listen to Part 1 .

You might be interested in my 4-part podcast series in teaching kids about money:

Episode 7: Teach Preschoolers About Money

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Episode 10: Teach Teenagers About Money


Career Cover-100px

My newest book Career Exploration for Homeschool High School Students is available in print and ebook format. Learn more.

Who’s Afraid of the IRS? (podcast)

IRS and homeschool


Are you afraid of the IRS? Should you be?

How does the IRS see homeschool organizations?

In the latest episode of the Dollars and Sense podcast, host Carol Topp discusses how the IRS sees homeschool organizations. Carol discusses homeschool support groups and IRS 501(c)(7) tax exempt status as a Social Club.

Listen to the podcast here

Get a copy of the handout Who’s Afraid of the IRS Handout

Carol mentioned the article “Do You Know About IRS Required Filings for Homeschool Organizations?” Get it here.

The IRS and Your Homeschool Organization

Carol’s book, The IRS and Your Homeschool Organization, is available here.

Are you raising a child or a grown up?



In this latest Dollars and Sense Show podcast from Carol Topp, she asks re homeschool parents guilty of micro managing our teenagers or being helicopter parents?

The episode is part 1 of a two-part workshop Carol presented at the Great Homeschool Convention in Cincinnati last year in this episode of the titled, “Were Not Raising Children, We’re Raising Grown Ups.”

Carol discusses the dilemma in society today of sheltering our children too much and for too long so that they are ill equipped for adult life.

Listen here


Grab your handout here

Book recommendations mentioned in the podcast:

  • The Self-Propelled Advantage Joanne Calderwood
  • Parenting for the Launch Dennis Trittin
  • Battle Hymn of the Tiger Mother Amy Chua
  • Setting The Records Straight Lee Binz,
  • Phil Vischer podcast at

In Part 2 Carol shares important life skills your teenager needs to know, but are rarely covered in a textbook, such as: career choice, money management and living independently. She will share tips on how to impart important lessons in a natural way and share resources to help you raise a grown up!

Frugal homeschooling has drawbacks


I read Cindy West’s blog post Warnings Against Frugal Homeschooling on Our Journey Westward blog.

It caught my attention. What could possibly be wrong with frugal homeschooling?

Cindy opened my eyes to potential problems in using all free materials (or too many freebies) in homeschooling.

Listen to the podcast here


In the podcast Cindy mentioned a few guides she uses to help plan her children’s academic progress. Read about them on her blog post Homeschooling Frugally: A Cautionary Tale


Cindy West is the author of NaturExplorers nature study guides and Charlotte Mason Homeschooling. Find them at Shining Dawn Books.

Ideas of easy fundraisers for homeschool groups


Your homeschool organization probably looks for extra ways to bring in money. Carol Topp, the Homeschool CPA, shares ideas for easy fundraising in this episode of the Dollars And Sense Show podcast.

Listen to the podcast here

Easy fundraisers show notes:

Coupon and reward programs
Box Tops. Need 501c3 status
Shopping reward like Kroger Plus program
E Scrip

Food as a fundraiser
Pizza sales, bake sales to members
Candy, popcorn sales to public could impose a reporting to you state’s AG office
Restaurant (Chik-Fil-A) give a percent of proceeds from one night to your organization
Dinners as fundraisers

Via email, website, crowd funding, etc
Read-a-thon or walk-a-thon
Car washes and bake sales

Sell products
Ideas at
Used curriculum sale. Charge an entrance fee, or a table fee to the sellers (or both!)

Reporting the Fundraiser income:
The IRS considers fundraisers to be unrelated to your nonprofit purpose and therefore, subject to taxation. Exceptions to the Unrelated Business Income tax:

  • Under $1,000 income from fundraisers in a year
  • All volunteer labor (no hired help to run the fundraiser)
  • Not regularly carried on
  • Selling donated items

State may require reporting to their attorney General if you sell to the public or solicit donations from the public. Usual exceptions are: only sales to members, a dollar threshold ($25,000 is common), all volunteer labor, but these vary by state.

Warning: No Individual fundraising accounts!

More information:
Money Mgmt HS OrgCover

Money Management in a Homeschool Organization book

Blog posts on fundraising:

Article “Easy Fundraisers for Homeschool Groups” at


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Carol Topp, CPA

Podcasts for homeschool leaders


I started my podcast, the Dollars and Sense Show about a year ago! It’s hard to believe its a year old already!

I have a few podcasts that are for homeschool leaders:

Starting a nonprofit homeschool group correctly

Starting a homeschool group correctly.

What is tax exempt status and how do I get it for my homeschool group?

Paying workers in a homeschool organization Part 1

Paying workers in a homeschool organization Part 2

 Advice from experienced homeschool parents



I plan more for the next few months including

  •  Easy fund raisers for homeschool groups
  • Do you know about required IRS filings for homeschool organizations?
  • Has your group lost its tax exempt status?


What your you like to hear about? Drop a note in the comments and I may use your idea for a future podcast.


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Carol Topp

Starting a nonprofit homeschool group correctly. Dollars and Sense Show # 5 – See more at:
Starting a nonprofit homeschool group correctly. Dollars and Sense Show # 5 – See more at:

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Experienced Homeschoolers Offer Advice (podcast)

Carol Topp recently interviewed experienced homeschoolers at the HSLDA National Homeschool Leaders Conference. Listen to Carol’s lastest podcast as the leaders discussed:

  • Why they became a homeschool leader
  • What they wish they had known
  • What advice they have to offer you

Listen to the podcast

(I apologize for some of the poor audio! I’m improving, but I’m still learning about recording with lively background noise)


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Win an iPad mini! Dollars and Sense Show podcast is a year old!

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