Time is precious

Time is precious. I value my time and I hope you, my clients and potential clients, value it as well.

For many years I have kept my rates very low; typically less than half what an experienced CPA would charge. I have usually not charged to read and reply to emails.

But now I have found my services more in demand and my time even more precious.

So, I will be raising my rates to $75/hour to nonprofit clients and $100 to for-profit businesses. I will be charging a rate of $50/hour for reading and replying to emails (minimum $25).

These rates are still less than what most CPAs with 17 years of experience charge (typical rates are $150-$200+ per hour).

My heart is still to help small nonprofits and homeschool organizations. I will still provide personal, professional, and experienced services to my clients.

Carol Topp, CPA

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