Will you be at TTD-Nashville? I could use your help!

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Will you be at the Teach Them Diligently Homeschool conference in Nashville March 30-April 1, 2017?
I’ll be there! Come by my booth and say hello.
I could use some help manning my booth while I speak and I pay well!
Carol Topp, the HomeschoolCPA, is needing some booth helpers during the TTD-Nashville conference March 30-April 1.
I need a booth helper during 3 time slots of about 2 hours each around my speaking times on Friday and Saturday. I just need someone to be at my booth while I speak. If you are familiar with my HomeschoolCPA or Micro Business for Teens books that would be a big help. Even better if you can make a sale using a Square device on an iPhone. I’ll show you how!
I will gladly offer you a $25 gift card for each 2-hour shift, reimburse your parking, and pay for your meal.


If you can help me for a 2-hour shift on Friday (2:30-4:30 pm) or Saturday (8:30 am-10:30am and 4:30-6:30 pm) please contact me at Carol@HomeschoolCPA.com.
Please share this with your friends and homeschool group members.

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