Client Testimonials

From my homeschool clients

Thank you so much. I don’t have anyone else who can give me advice. I called the Attorney General, and spent an hour and a half with the IRS – plus talked to the HSLDA twice – and no one has given me as much helpful information as you have. You’re the best. I appreciate this wonderful service you are doing for us already way too busy, homeschooling moms.“-Michelle A., Michigan


I am looking into directing our well-established homeschool group next year and, thanks to you, I don’t have to reinvent the wheel. You’ve got so many helps and hints ready for me to use! THANK YOU for all your hard work and your support of homeschool organizations. I have added my name to your e-newsletter! God bless you, Amy D. Columbus, Ohio

We wanted to share our excitement in that Hartsville Home Educators, Inc. of Hartsville SC has been granted their 501(c)(3) status. You have been a great help to our organization as we have developed by-laws and our co-op. We purchased your book and submitted our IRS application in May and was awarded our status in November. Thanks for all you do for the home school organizations throughout the country.  We could not have done this without your guidance.-Terri King, Hartsville Home Educators

You provide a great and much needed service to homeschool support groups and co-ops.  I wish our previous board knew about you and your web site.  I certainly will be spreading the word.
Thank you for providing the amazing wealth of information on your website. I was so impressed by the quality and huge quantity of content and links. What a wonderful blessing to homeschool families.Thanks again for all of your help today!  You are an answer to prayer!

You have done a fabulous job . I  am thankful that I have you to ask about this. I  felt comfortable in sharing my bafflement and  frustration with you because I knew you would have the wisdom  pertaining to this situation.

I can only think  of a handful of people that have the level of confidence that you  have in order to have these questions put before you.  Think of how  many home school moms would be able to walk with you through a  process such as this.  It would be intimidating to a lot of ladies, I think.

The  co-op is really blessed to have someone like you!  So, thank you,  Carol, from the bottom of my heart!

From readers of my books:

Carol Topp is wonderful, buy her book, it’s worth 4 times the price, subscribe to her blog, download her ebooks.-Janet Hellerman,

Homeschool Co-ops is bound to make the process of starting a co-op less confusing. Mrs. Topp’s advice and checklists for applying for non-profit status are valuable for new and existing co-ops and even for homeschooling support groups.The book is particularly helpful in the chapters of Mrs. Topp’s area of expertise, financial management. The author shares much insight into organizing the co-op’s accounting, budgeting, and becoming a non profit, 501(c)3 corporation. -Martha Robinson,

Carol’s expertise in accounting, coupled with her long-time acquaintance with the home-schooling movement, has proven invaluable to our organization. I only wish I had the information presented in this book years ago when we were first starting out on this adventure! -Mary Hood, Author of The Relaxed Homeschooler and founder of ARCHERS for the Lord, Inc (Association of Relaxed Christian Home Educators)

I first knew Carol Topp as a fellow homeschool mom in our local support group. I knew then that she was sharp, but my respect for her grew to a whole new level when years later she became my CPA! Carol comes with wisdom and understanding of the homeschool movement as well as expertise in the field of accounting. I’m glad to see Carol share her talents and experience.-Linda Lacour Hobar, author of The Mystery of History

From workshop audiences:

Clear communication and concise facts are Carol’s strongest gift or skill. Carol’s skills as a teacher and communicator are evident in her well written books and speaking engagements. She is a joy to work with and is always well-prepared and well-versed in her subjects. I highly recommend her.Sharon Siepel, author of Essential Survival Guide to Living on Your Own

Attending one of her workshops was a highlight of a conference I attended in Cincinnati. I have referred my own readers to her site and books on several occasions. Malia Russell,

  • She answered my questions and gave me confidence in what I was doing.
  • Clear, concise and organized
  • Very easy to understand. No financial speech!
  • It gave me lots of good things to think about.
  • She covered all my questions and answered so much more.
  • Carol appears confident and that makes others feel secure in her advice.
  • Not only can she word things for the average person to understand, she seems to know just where most people need help.