My Affiliate Program with Clickbank

Sign up for my affiliate program and receive a portion of the sales from information products that you refer to me. I pay 50% commission on my ebooks (pdf versions) and webinars. I use an affiliate program called Clickbank. It is very easy to get set up as a Clickbank affiliate. Here’s how:

  1. Create a free account at Clickbank here
  2. Find my products at Clickbank under the Marketplace tab using my vendor name: caroltopp
  3. Get your unique affiliate link to my products (called a hoplink) from Clickbank

You can generate your hoplink by logging into and go to the Marketplace tab. Then search for caroltopp (my vendor name). From there you can generate your unique hoplink by clicking the Promote button.

Or create you Clickbank “hoplink” manually. It would be or

The XXXXX is your Clickbank affiliate nickname that you created when you opened your Clickbank account.

Read more about how hoplinks work here: Clickbank’s Guide to Hoplinks

      4. Send an email or write a blog post and use your special affiliate hoplink to my sales page:

Any questions?  Clickbank has some great tutorials.

I sell several information products that affiliates may wish to promote on their websites:

Ebooks and Webinars for Homeschool Leaders

Visit for a complete listing of my ebooks and webinars.

HomeschoolCPA Ebook Sales Page

Put your hoplink to my sales page on your website, send in an email, or text to a homeschool leaders. If they make a purchase for this page in the next 60 days, you get 50% of the price through Clickbank.

Any questions?  Clickbank has some great tutorials.