Webinar Videos

Here are several recorded webinars for homeschool leaders:

Financial Reports for Homeschool Nonprofits

I’ve seen all kinds of financial reports from homeschool groups. Many are very confusing and difficult to understand (and I’m an accountant!).

So I recorded a webinar for homeschool group leaders on how to present financial reports that are clear and easy to understand to board members.

During this webinar you will learn:

  • How to read a financial report
  • Know what red flags to look for
  • What are the two most important reports for your board to see regularly
  • What mistakes treasurers make
  • Use the financial report to make decisions and set goals.

You will be shown the good, the bad and the ugly of financial reports.

Price: Free!

Watch here on YouTube. The video is an hour and 42 minutes long! There were a lot of questions!

Handout here


Create a Nonprofit for Your Homeschool Community

The webinar is 90 minutes and covers:

  • The difference between a business and a nonprofit
  • What are the advantages and disadvantages of being a nonprofit
  • Forming a board: who can be one it, what do they do, etc.
  • Creating bylaws
  • Drafting a budget
  • Setting up a bank account
  • Forming a nonprofit corporation in your state
  • The timeline to get this all done
  • The expense to accomplish this


Who should watch the webinar?

  • Brand new start up homeschool groups
  • Existing groups that never formed as a nonprofit
  • Homeschool communities run as a business that want to convert to be a nonprofit
  • Leaders that are unsure if their homeschool group is a business or a nonprofit. It can be confusing!

Price $10 and includes a link to the recording of the video (90 minutes). Watch anytime (just bookmark the link) and a copy of the slides from the webinar.

For more information

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Tax Preparation for Homeschool Businesses webinar

Tax preparation for homeschool business owners is even more complex than regular taxpayers.  This 90 minute webinar is for homeschool co-op teachers, tutors being paid as Independent Contractors, Directors/owners of homeschool programs such as CC directors running a community, music teachers, tutors, coaches, etc. running their own businesses.

Here’s what the webinar covers:

  • IRS tax forms for a sole proprietorship: Schedule C and SE
  • Self-employment tax
  • How to pay yourself
  • Tax deductions common to homeschool business owners
  • New tax deduction for business! Look out for this one. It’s terrific!
  • The new redesigned IRS Form 1040
  • Two sample tax returns. Yes, I walk you through two sample tax returns, so you can see how everything looks. 🙂
  • Common mistakes to avoid

For more information visit Tax Prep for Homeschool Businesses

Price: $10.00 webinar recording and includes handout of slides

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ABCs of an Academic Homeschool Program webinar, ebook and handouts

Have you considered wanting to start a homeschool program? An academic program, but not a co-op and not a for-profit business, either. But a nonprofit organization with an academic emphasis–maybe with a classical education focus.

This 90 minute webinar is packed with information to help you launch an academic homeschool program.

Price $20.00 includes

  • webinar recording,
  • an extensive questionnaire for homeschool parents looking to create a homeschool program,
  • a copy of Carol Topp’s ebook The IRS and Your Homeschool Organization to help you understand nonprofit and tax exempt status and
  • handouts of the webinar slides.

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