Do you have a passion for helping homeschool leaders?

I may have an opportunity for you!

I’m Carol Topp, CPA, the homeschool CPA, and I’m offering a mentoring opportunity to train mentees to assist homeschool groups and their leaders.

The program is a three-phase mentoring program to qualified individuals to consult with clients to help them create and operate homeschool organizations. Additionally, a qualified mentee could succeed me in running

What HomeschoolCPA does:

  • Consults with homeschool groups about: tax exempt status, money and budgets, employment issues, nonprofit board management, and accounting issues.
  • Speaks, writes, blogs, and podcasts on issues of concern to homeschool leaders.
  • Moderates a social media site for homeschool leaders.
  • Prepares IRS and state forms for tax exempt organizations.

Do you have what it takes? A potential mentee should have:

  • Love and passion for homeschooling.
  • Education and experience in accounting. A BS or BA in business or accounting. CPA license (even if currently inactive) is strongly preferred.
  • Experience in nonprofit leadership such as being on a board of a church or nonprofit organization.

A mentee will be given an opportunity to gain skills in:

  • Consulting
  • Client management
  • Clear communication of complex issues
  • Encouraging and promoting homeschooling
  • Leadership and project management
  • Helping clients with money management, financial reporting and compliance with reporting requirements of the IRS and their state
  • Keeping up to speed on the fast-changing world of homeschooling and educational alternatives

Why are you doing this, Carol?

Basically, I’m ready to start slowly stepping down and handing over my consulting business to another person (or several people). I don’t want to quit and leave homeschool leaders with no one to help them. I care too much about them to do that to them!

I’m also really busy serving homeschool clients and I can’t keep up so I need help!

So is this a paid position?

You can be a subcontractor for specific jobs (preparing IRS forms for HomeschoolCPA’s clients, etc), depending on your experience or accept referrals to help homeschool organizations on your own.

I’m not an accountant but my spouse is. Could we do this as a team?

Yes! This would make a great family business or a sideline for your spouse with you helping.

What if I’m interested, but I’m too busy homeschooling to seriously consider the program right now?

Send me an email anyway. I homeschooled my two daughters while launching and running my accounting practice part-time, so it is possible to homeschool and be mentored (or work) at the same time! I usually need help with preparing IRS Annual Reports (Form 990 and 990-EZ) and hire subcontractors to help me or can simply refer clients to you. I refer clients to others for help with bookkeeping and accounting software like Quickbooks. I also could use help with blogging, podcasting and conducting webinars. So please email me with your skills and experience.

What’s the next step?

  1. Read the Mentoring Opportunity with HomeschoolCPA. It explains the phases of the mentoring program, how a qualified mentee can earn money while being mentored and the estimated time frame.
  2. Browse this website especially the blog posts and podcast episodes to see what questions my clients ask me and how I help them.
  3. Email me, Carol Topp, CPA at with an introduction of yourself, your resume,  experience, education and interest in being mentored.
  4. I’ll will set up a brief phone call to meet you and discuss the mentoring program.