Only two more days to get Taxes for Homeschool Business Owners for free

Taxes for running your tutoring business, homeschool business or CC Community can be so confusing!  I have a book that can help.

Taxes for Homeschool Business Owners

Over 700 tutors, directors and teachers have downloaded the ebook so far. Here’s what they say:

Thank you so much for the tax resources you put out there, it’s been super helpful for me as a director of our CC Homeschool campus! -Jessica

As we do our taxes this year I am thankful for your knowledge and being willing to share it. I GUARANTEE many women WEREN’T doing their taxes correctly. -Julie

This ebook is a great resource for:

  • Coaches, musicians, artists, etc. hired to teach at a homeschool program
  • Tutors or teachers for a homeschool program paid as an Independent Contractor
  • Classical Conversations®Directors
  • CC tutors

The ebook was FREE in January 2020. Now the ebook is available for $10.

The ebook is 60 pages long and contains information on

Business Start Up including LLC status
Tax Deductions and Tax Forms
Sample Tax Returns
Self Employment Tax
Paying Yourself and Paying Others
Businesses Using Churches
Should My Homeschool Program Be a Nonprofit?

I hope you find the ebook helpful!

Carol Topp, CPA
Helping Homeschool Leaders

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