Money Management in a Homeschool Organization book

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Money Management for Homeschool Organizations

A Guide for Treasurers

Does your homeschool group manage their money well? Do you have a budget and know where the money is spent? Do you know how to prevent fraud? This 115 page book will help you to open a checking account, establish a budget, prevent mistakes and fraud, use software to keep the books, prepare a financial statement and hire workers. Sample forms and examples of financial statements in clear English are provided.

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Table of Contents

Chapter 1: Your Treasurer is a Gem!
Chapter 2: Checking Accounts Done Right
Chapter 3: Super Simple Bookkeeping Basics
Chapter 4: Show Us Your Books! Regular Reporting on Financial Status
Chapter 5: Establish a Budget: You’ll Thank Me Later
Chapter 6: Get What’s Coming to You: Collecting Fees
Chapter 7: Do I Have to Report This? Reimbursement Policies and Avoiding Taxes
Chapter 8: Using Software to Stay Sane
Chapter 9: Fraud: It Couldn’t Happen to Us
Chapter 10: Need More Money? Easy Fundraisers for Homeschool Organizations
Chapter 11: Risky Business: Insurance for Homeschool Groups
Chapter 12: Paying Workers: Hiring Employees and Independent Contractors
Chapter 13: Homeschool For Profit: Running a Homeschool Group as a Business
About the Author

Audio Resource

Carol has also prepared an audio on the topic of managing a homeschool organization to help your homeschool group

  • Assemble a leadership board
  • Run a productive meeting
  • Write bylaws that will help you organize your group
  • Avoid leader burnout
  • Manage the money so there is some left over

She also discusses important topics for homeschool organizations such as

  • Insurance
  • Fund raising
  • Paying workers

Audio: How to Manage a Homeschool Organization: Boards, Budgets and Bylawsand accompanying handout

An hour-long audio that explains the importance of boards, budgets and bylaws in a homeschool organization. Get your group set up correctly and running smoothly. All specifically for homeschool groups.

Price: $7.00 includes pdf of slides of presentation

Click Here to Purchase “How to Manage a Homeschool Organization” Audio & Handout


Your book is very well written and an interesting read. It will help homeschool organizations, treasurers especially, tremendously, if they will follow your advice. I will definitely encourage those that follow me as Treasurer to read this book as not everyone is going to have CPA with non-profit specialty background to help! Thanks so much for writing this book! -Tina Swenson, San Diego CA, Treasurer of Homeschool group

I’m very impressed with the book, and its organization, layout and readability. You did a good job covering the important topics and the examples are relevant. Thanks for taking the time in to write it. -Sofia Peterson, treasurer for homeschool co-op

I was also pleased to learn that we are doing many things right! The budget sheet (income/expenses report) that I have prepared is almost identical to your examples. I LOVE the simplicity of your spreadsheets. I am happy to know that we need not pursue a financial software. Our budget is simple and easy to follow.
I also appreciated your tips on fundraising. Fundraising is one area I do not feel comfortable with regarding our tax-exempt status, etc.  It is good to know we can do a small amount of fundraising to help pay for our group’s insurance or other fees. -Mara Martin, Everett, WA, Treasurer for homeschool group with 501c3 status

You’ve got a dry topic that is really hard for someone like me (non-accountant) to read. That said, your book kept my interest and I was *able* to read it and learned from it. This is huge. I think it is very informative, clear, and well written. I’m not an accountant. Detest accounting (grin) and yet your book kept my interest and was very readable. -Lisa Norman, homeschool support group leader and publisher at

I don’t think you can find this kind of information easily, because a homeschool co-op is such a unique organization. Seems thorough and very helpful! Good and complete list of treasurer expectations. Good ideas and good suggestions on how to keep the fundraising “legal.” Chapter 9 on fraud has very good detail about a tough subject. -Shay Boswell, Knoxville, TN