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As of June 1, 2022, I, Carol Topp, CPA, am semi-retired and will no longer be offering one-on-one consultations. Instead, I offer you a selection of carefully selected, qualified, highly experienced homeschool consultants all who have lead (or are still leading) homeschool nonprofits themselves!

I have 100% confidence in these fabulous, knowledgeable, and skilled individuals. If they have a question or want clarification, they will reach out to me to assist you.

Becky Abrams

Becky Abrams is a homeschool leader in Oregon (Pacific time). She has extensive experience in starting homeschool groups, especially nonprofit hybrid homeschool programs and offers consultations. She is writing a book on homeschool hybrids.

Becky also co-hosted the Board Training video set with me and shared so much of her knowledge about boards!

Her email address is

Contact Becky at if you have questions about…

  • Starting a hybrid homeschool program
  • Operating a hybrid homeschool program
  • Hiring workers
  • Board Relationships
  • Volunteers
  • Budgets and Pricing
  • Applying for 501c3 status

Rebecca Foley

Rebecca Foley will share her experience via her website She has a three-part video set to explain how to start a hybrid homeschool program. The first video Introduction is free and outlines the content of the other two videos. Everything from crafting a vision to finding a building and hiring teachers.

Rebecca also offers 30 and 60 minute consultations where she will share her experience to help you start a hybrid school. Her email is and she is in Pennsylvania (Eastern time).

Contact Rebecca at if you have questions about…

  • Crafting a vision for your homeschool hybrid program
  • Starting a hybrid homeschool program
  • Operating a hybrid homeschool program

Sarah McCubbin

SaveSarah McCubbin offers helpful, encouraging articles, resources and consultations to help you via her website!

She also knows a lot about setting goals, organizing, and running a homeschool group without burning out, so checkout her Resources for homeschool group leaders and book a call with Sarah. She is in Ohio (on Eastern time).

Contact Sarah at if you have questions about…

  • Dealing with drama in your group
  • Conflict within your group
  • Any relationship difficulties in your group

Ashley Richards

Ashley Richards leads a Catholic, all-volunteer homeschool co-op in Indiana. She offers consultations to leaders that want to discuss Classical, Catholic homeschooling, and she is knowledgeable about many issues facing homeschool leaders.

Ask her about getting a co-op organized and using systems to help keep you sane!

Ashley is active in the Homeschool Group Leader Facebook group where she gives clear, concise and accurate answers!

Contact Ashley at if you have questions about:

  • All volunteer homeschool co-ops
  • Classical Homeschool groups
  • Catholic Homeschool groups
  • Getting organized and using systems in your group
  • Starting a nonprofit and applying for 501c3 tax exempt status

Doreen Browning

Doreen Browning has extensive experience in both homeschool and non homeschool nonprofits and can help you understand this strange new world! Her background as a nurse turned homeschool mom and leader is evident in her kind, patient approach to helping homeschool leaders.

You will benefit from her vast experience. Her website is coming soon.

Doreen helps moderate the Homeschool Group Leader Facebook group and I appreciate her help and wisdom!

Contact Doreen via Facebook if you have questions about…

  • Understanding boards and how they should operate
  • The benefits of being a non profit organization
  • Starting a nonprofit and applying for 501c3 tax exempt status

Anna Clark of

Need help with the IRS Application for 501c3 tax exempt status, Form 1023-EZ or the full length Form 1023?  I recommend Anna Clark. Anna is a retired homeschool mother and group leader. She spent many years working for a business that served nonprofits and became an expert in helping groups apply for 501c3 tax exempt status. Along with her personal experience with homeschooling, she can help you get through the IRS application process ASAP!

Anna’s website is, and can be reached at (800) 594-2271