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Need One-On-One Help?

As of June 1, 2022, I, Carol Topp, CPA, am semi-retired and will no longer be offering one-on-one consultations. Instead, I offer you a selection of carefully selected, qualified, highly experienced homeschool consultants all who have lead (or are still leading) homeschool nonprofit organizations!

I have 100% confidence in these fabulous, knowledgeable, and skilled individuals. If they have a question or need clarification on an issue, they will reach out to me.
Recommended Homeschool Group Consultants

Becky Abrams

Becky Abrams is a homeschool leader in Oregon (Pacific time). She has extensive experience in starting homeschool groups, especially nonprofit hybrid homeschool programs and offers consultations.

Doreen Browning

Doreen Browning has extensive experience in both homeschool and non homeschool nonprofits and can help you understand this strange new world! 

Rebecca Foley

Rebecca Foley knows all about hybrid homeschool groups, from crafting a vision to finding a building and hiring teachers. Her expertise is a great resource for all hybrid groups.

Sarah McCubbins

Sarah McCubbin offers helpful, encouraging articles, resources and consultations to help you run your group! She also knows a lot about setting goals, organizing, and running a homeschool group without burning out!

Ashley Richards

Ashley Richards leads a Catholic, all-volunteer homeschool co-op in Indiana. She offers consultations to leaders that want to discuss Classical, Catholic homeschooling. Ask her about getting a co-op organized and using systems to help keep you sane!

Recent Blog Posts

What is the most intimidating thing about launching a homeschool group?

A group of homeschool leaders was recently polled with the question: What was most intimidating thing about launching a new homeschool group?Here are their replies: Finding a board of unrelated people. Some of the comments included that the board needed to be “do-ers” not just rubber-stamp or figure-heads. These boards were people who actually did…

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Your state wants your nonprofit to register

Many homeschool groups breath a sigh of relief when they get 501 tax exempt status from the IRS! But only a few realize that their government paperwork is not over! 41 states require nonprofits to register with their state when they solicit contributions. What does “soliciting contributions” mean? Well, that’s not always very clear and…

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Homeschool Group FAQ

Should my homeschool group be a for-profit or non-profit?

There are many reasons why homeschool groups form and operate as nonprofit organizations rather than businesses.
Read Answer

Tiny groups are more informal, some don’t collect any money and most don’t have a formal board like a typical nonprofit homeschool group. Learn More

What do I need to know about starting a tiny homeschool group?

In this short podcast episode (12 minutes) Carol Topp, CPA explains the benefits of forming your homeschool group as a nonprofit corporation and why a leader would want limited liability protection. Listen to the Podcast

Should my homeschool group incorporate as a non-profit?

What does it take to be a nonprofit?

You might be surprised at how simple it is to form a nonprofit organization. Here’s what it takes

How to self declare 501c tax exempt status? It involves calling the IRS.

Your homeschool group may be able to “self-declare” 501c tax exempt status and not officially apply. Here’s what to do

FAQ on IRS Form 990-N ePostcard for small nonprofits.

The IRS Form 990-N is a simple, online form that all nonprofit tax exempt organizations with annual gross revenues of less than $50,000 must file every year. Read Instructions

Is my homeschool group a school?

Some homeschool groups look a lot like schools. They offer a full curriculum, there are teachers teaching classes, they rent space to conduct the classes, etc. But are they “schools?” See Answer

FAQ on Property Tax for Churches Hosting Homeschool Programs

Churches may be at risk for having their property tax exemption affected if they host a business. Read the FAQ

Should I pay teachers as employees?

I state pretty clearly in my book Paying Workers in a Homeschool Organization  that teachers in a homeschool program should be treated as employees not Independent Contractors.

Here’s why. Read Full Article