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Questions and Answers for Homeschool Leaders

Do you have questions about what IRS issues affect your homeschool group? Have you wondered if you have set up your homeschool group’s finances correctly? If you have a fund raiser, do you have to pay taxes on the money you raise? Do you have questions about insurance, paying workers, dealing with conflict or managing volunteers?


Homeschool leaders have a lot of questions so homeschoool leader and CPA, Carol Topp, gathered over 50 commonly asked questions from homeschool leaders like you. She gives her answers from her combined experience as a CPA and a homeschool leader in her ebook Questions and Answers for Homeschool Leaders.


This 62 page ebook contains the most frequently asked questions from homeschool leaders on the IRS, nonprofit and tax exempt status, boards, conflict, money, fund raising, volunteers, paying workers and insurance. As you read the questions from other leaders and answers from Carol Topp, CPA, you will find practical and helpful guidelines on a variety of topics to run a successful homeschool group.


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Table of Contents

IRS Issues, Nonprofit Incorporation and 501(c)(3) Tax Exempt Status

  • Homeschool group part of church ministry
  • Government intrusion and 501(c)(3) status
  • Homeschool basketball organization and 501(c)(3) status
  • Can my homeschool be exempt from federal taxation?
  • How do homeschool groups identify their status as a public charity?
  • Does new IRS 990N apply?
  • What is the benefit of non-profit incorporation?
  • Can my family’s homeschool be a nonprofit?
  • Apply on-line for EIN
  • IRS on line training for small nonprofits
  • IRS new e-Postcard filling for small nonprofits
  • Any tax breaks for homeschoolers?
  • Group over the $5K limit. What to do?
  • What I learned from the IRS

Boards & Conflict

  • Can a non-homeschooler be on a homeschool board?
  • Why have a board when you can do it yourself?
  • Founders syndrome
  • New EIN for new officers?
  • Conflict resolution policies
  • Conflict in a homeschool group

Money Management & Fund Raising

  • Checking accounts and EINs
  • Getting an EIN
  • Legal or DBA names
  • Tax concerns when your homeschool group makes money
  • How much money can a homeschool group earn?
  • Group using personal Paypal account
  • How much to keep in cash reserves?
  • Fund raisers for homeschool groups
  • Individual fund raisers and homeschool groups
  • Can my individual homeschool family have a fund raiser?
  • Questions and Answers for Homeschool Leaders 5
  • Pizza day at our co-op
  • The IRS and fund raising
  • What constitutes private benefit or inurement?

Homeschool Co-ops

  • A homeschool building
  • Tips from other homeschool co-op leaders
  • Is it a co-op or Mary Poppins?
  • Co-op director for a day
  • A homeschool co-op franchise
  • How to get people interested?

Paying Workers and Volunteers

  • Can we pay an honorarium to a co-op teacher?
  • Paying co-op teachers is a sticky issue
  • Can you pay a volunteer?
  • Update on teachers as independent contractors
  • Is your hired teacher really an employee?
  • W-2s and tax filings for homeschool co-op teachers
  • Rewarding volunteers

Insurance and Other Topics

  • Can I homeschool other children?
  • Statements of faith
  • Insurance for a homeschool sports program
  • Insurance for homeschool groups