Starting or Running a Homeschool Group?

Where do you fit on this pyramid?

Get started by figuring out where your group fits on this nonprofit pyramid  Common nonprofit types pyramid


Do you lead a homeschool support group? Read up on tax status for your group in this articles:

Homeschool Groups As Social Clubs

If you’re in the yellow base of the pyramid (informal, unincorporated organization)  you’ll find these articles helpful:

There’s a lot to do, so this checklist will keep you on track:  A checklist for new homeschool organizations


If you’re in the green ares of the pyramid, you have an established homeschool group and these articles will help:

Important Topics

Nonprofit Incorporation


If you’re climbing to the top of the pyramid, you’ll need to read these articles:

501c3 tax exempt status

If your organization had tax exempt status and lost it, this diagram may explain why