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HomeschoolCPA is me, Carol Topp, CPA, a retired homeschooling mother and Certified Public Accountant. This site specializes in helping nonprofit homeschool organizations.

As of June 2022, I am semi-retired and handing off one-on-one consultations to my Recommended Consultants. I will still stay active on this website, the Facebook Group for Homeschool Leaders and assisting the consultants if they need it.

I live in Cincinnati, Ohio with my husband of 37 years and have two grown daughters, and two son-in-laws. I homeschooled a total of 14 years and loved it! I enjoy traveling, reading, and painting.


I have published 15 books, 7 for homeschool leaders. Visit my bookstore.

I also hosted a podcast for several years. Listen to the podcast episodes.

I also share information for homeschool leaders via recorded webinars.

Client Testimonials

Thank you so much. I don’t have anyone else who can give me advice. I called the Attorney General, and spent an hour and a half with the IRS – plus talked to the HSLDA twice – and no one has given me as much helpful information as you have. You’re the best. I appreciate this wonderful service you are doing for us already way too busy, homeschooling moms.“-Michelle A., Michigan

I am looking into directing our well-established homeschool group next year and, thanks to you, I don’t have to reinvent the wheel. You’ve got so many helps and hints ready for me to use! THANK YOU for all your hard work and your support of homeschool organizations. I have added my name to your e-newsletter! God bless you, Amy D. Columbus, Ohio

You provide a great and much needed service to homeschool support groups and co-ops.  I wish our previous board knew about you and your web site.  I certainly will be spreading the word.

Thank you for providing the amazing wealth of information on your website. I was so impressed by the quality and huge quantity of content and links. What a wonderful blessing to homeschool families.Thanks again for all of your help today!  You are an answer to prayer!

You have done a fabulous job . I  am thankful that I have you to ask about this. I  felt comfortable in sharing my bafflement and  frustration with you because I knew you would have the wisdom  pertaining to this situation.

Professional Affiliations

I have served on several nonprofit boards including:

My accounting website is was voted Top 10 Accounting blog and Top 100 CPA blogs! Quite an honor for a CPA!