Lots of homeschool leaders launch a homeschool group, without ever having led a nonprofit before. Some have never even belonged to a homeschool group either.  They may have no experience in running a homeschool group and don’t know how a nonprofit board works.

Does that sound like you? We’ve got help for you!

You may wonder:

  • Why do I need a board or a team to help me?
  • What does the board do?
  • How many people should be on the board?
  • Can board members get paid or get free tuition to our homeschool program?
  • How do I find board members?
  • How do I run a board meeting?

Or maybe you’ve been in leadership of a homeschool group for some time, but you know that board meetings should be more productive and enjoyable.

Does that sound like you? We’ve got help for you!

You want to know:

  • What should we discuss at a board meeting?
  • How to stay on track?
  • What should be on the agenda?
  • How to manage different personalities?

HomeschoolCPA Carol Topp teamed up with Becky Abrams from HomeschoolLeaders.com to offer a three-part webinar series that helps both these types of leaders.

Board Training for Homeschool Groups

The three-part video series is available now! Each video will runs 40-60 minutes.

The cost for the 3-video set is $40 and includes a copy of Carol Topp’s Homeschool Board Member Manual.

BONUS: you are allowed to share the links to the videos and slides with your CURRENT board members so everyone can learn the best tips for being on a homeschool board.

Part 1 video covers:

  • Nonprofit Characteristics
  • Board Composition
  • Board Structure
  • Board Duties

In Part 2 we cover:

  • Board Meetings
  • Bylaws
  • Board Personalities

The live Q&A had the hosts answer questions such as:

  • What level of the financials do the members have a right to see? 
  • Can members of the co-op like the parents or spouses of board members attend board meetings?
  • If I have a teacher (paid only for teaching) on the Board, is that a conflict of interest?
  • What is the best way to handle someone like this who is suddenly just doing whatever they wanted rather than discussing with the fellow board members? 
  • What suggestions do you have for possible volunteers for the treasurer position?
  • Who can serve on committees? Parents, teachers, staff, etc.?

Here’s a short clip from the first video explaining the board roles visually.

We here at HomeschoolCPA are excited to offer this video set to homeschool leaders. We think it will be very helpful and set you up for success for years to come!