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First webinar: Create a Nonprofit

Password: CREATE (all capitals)

The password is: CREATE (all capitals)

Here is a handout of the slides:

Create Nonprofit Slides color (large pdf file)

Create Nonprofit Slides Grayscale (smaller pdf file)

Second webinar: 501c3 Application

Password: 501C3APP (all capitals)

The password is: 501C3APP (all capitals)

Resources: (Save these now on your computer)

Handout of the slides

Sample Form 1023-EZ for a homeschool group

Blank IRS Form 1023-EZ

Instructions to IRS Form 1023-EZ

Ebook The IRS and Your Homeschool Organization by Carol Topp, CPA.

BONUS: $25 off phone consultation. If you would like a one-hour phone consultation with Carol Topp, CPA about applying for 501c3 tax exempt status, she will discount her fee from $85 to $60. This is limited to one time, one hour consultation and for the topic of 501c3 tax exempt application only.

Please contact Carol here and mention this bonus and that you purchased the 501c3 Application webinar.

Third webinar: IRS and State Filings

Password: FILINGS (all capitals)

The password is: FILINGS (all capitals)

Resources: (Save these now on your computer)

Slide handout

IRS Users Guide for Form 990-N

IRS Form 990-EZ

IRS Instructions to Form 990-EZ

Template to summarize your state and IRS filing requirements

Note: In the webinar I mention a site I recommended for doing your research on what filings your state requires from nonprofits, Harbor Compliance. Since the webinar recording Harbor Compliance no longer offers this information for free. You must pay for it. Bummer.

So instead, I recommend you use these two services to do your research:

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