Don’t Take Things Personally

Has anybody ever disappointed you? Maybe you feel personally hurt by your homeschool group members.

Homeschool leader Becky Abrams leads a homeschooling co-op in Oregon. She has learned how to avoid take things personally. It takes practice, but Becky shares some tips and a very helpful mindset (involving a bus driver) that will help you overcome disappointment.

In this episode of the HomeschoolCPA podcast (16 minutes) Becky explains:

  • How to deal with unmet expectations
  • How to avoid taking things (like a family leaving your co-op) personally
  • A great illustration about how homeschool groups are like a bus!
  • How to avoid stewing on emotional issues and disappointment
  • Why member might leave your homeschool group
  • A helpful mindset starts with controlling our thoughts

In the podcast Carol mentioned …

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