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Popular Services for Homeschool Leaders

Personal Phone Consultation
My most popular service! It’s like having your own CPA who understands homeschooling too!

Application for 501c3 Tax Exempt Status with the IRS Preparing the IRS Application for Tax Exempt Organizations

Thanks for all of your help. We never would have had the confidence to pursue this further if you hadn’t been so encouraging. Doing a happy dance…-Shawna Amick, SHINE, Texas

Reinstate lost tax exempt status.  Was your nonprofit group’s tax exempt status revoked by the  IRS? I can help you through the process of getting it reinstated.

Worker Classification Determination Let Carol Topp, CPA help you properly determine if your worker in an employee or independent contractor. She can help you apply for amnesty and avoid painful IRS penalties.

Review IRS Returns A review of forms you have prepared yourself such as IRS Form 1023/1023-EZ Application for Tax Exempt Status and Form 990/990-EZ Annual Information Returns for Tax Exempt Organizations and State filings for nonprofit organizations.

Just so you know, having you working with me has added some years to my life. It is one less thing I have to worry about because I know you will take care of this stuff and get me what I need. Thank you.-Rhonda, homeschool leader

Classical Conversations Consultation: Phone or video consultations on the business and tax aspects of being a CC Director, SR, AR or tutor.

Allow me to express my gratitude and deep appreciation for the professional honesty that you have presented in your blog about tax classification, specifically regarding Classical Conversations.- Daniel, CC tutor

Board Training and Advice: Webinar/Zoom video meeting or phone consultation for advice and training for your board members.

Every time I go on your website I learn something new and helpful. I have a special section in my co-op binder entitled “Carol Topp advice.” –Wendy, homeschool board member

I look forward to serving you!

Carol Topp, CPA
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