As of June 1, 2022 HomeschoolCPA no longer provides services to homeschool nonprofit organization wishing to apply for 501c3 tax exempt status. Instead I recommend you contact one of my qualified and trained Recommended Consultants for services.

If you have questions about running a hybrid/drop-off program, an all volunteer co-op, starting a homeschool group, or creating a nonprofit, then contact one of HomeschoolCPA’s Recommended Consultants! These experienced and knowledgeable homeschool group leaders have been vetted and trained by me, Carol Topp. They know their stuff and you will be in good hands!

Review DIY IRS Form 1023 or 1023-EZ

I will review your self-prepared IRS Form 1023 and Form 1023-EZ Application for 501(c)(3) Tax Exempt Status and offer my opinion and advice in writing or by phone.

My fee: $100/per hour. Typical time 2-6 hours. Typical cost: $150-300. Time: 1-2 weeks.

I will request the IRS Form 1023 or 1023-EZ (including attachments)  as well as your source documents such as financial statements, spreadsheets, bylaws, Articles of Incorporation, etc.

Contact HomeschoolCPA, Carol Topp, CPA, to arrange for this service.