Teens and Taxes

You know me as the HomeschoolCPA, but about this time every year, I do a lot of individual tax returns.  One issue seems to confuse a lot of American families:

When does my teenager owe taxes? What about babysitting income? Is it taxable?

Taxes for teenagers can be confusing, so I am hosting a live webinar to help parents understand taxes for their teenagers.


Teens and Taxes live webinar

Thursday, March 4, 2010

9 pm EST, 8 pm CST, 7 pm MT, 6 pm PST

The live web class will be hosted via Talkshoe, a podcast service. There is no charge for the webinar, but I do ask that all attendees register so that I can send you a handout and reminders.

By registering, you will also be able to purchase a copy of my ebook Teens and Taxes: A Guide for Parents and Teenagers for only $7.50, 50% off the regular price $14.95


My ebook, Teens and Taxes is a very helpful guide for parents.  Although the ebook is helpful, it is not necessary for you to have a copy in order to benefit from the webinar.

During the webinar , I will be discussing

  • When does a teenager need to file a tax return
  • Should a teenager file their own return?
  • Can a parent include their teenager’s income on their return?
  • Do babysitters need to file a tax return?
  • How much money can a teenager earn before they owe taxes?
  • Can I still claim my teenagers as a dependent?

There will be time for your questionseither via on-line chat or by phone.

Here’s how the webinar works.

After you register by sending me your name and email, you will receive an e-mail from me with:

  1. A link to the webinar where you can listen via your computer and participate in the on-line chat room to type in a question.

  2. A phone number and code that you may use if you wish to listen into the webinar but cannot be at your computer. You will be able to hear everything I say and can even ask questions over the phone.

  3. A handout you may print to take notes during the webinar

  4. A link to purchase Teens and Taxes: A Guide for Parents and Teenagers for only $7.50, 50% off the regular price $14.95

I will also send you a reminder email the day before and the morning of the webinar.

Register today, buy the ebook Teens and Taxes for a discounted price and get your questions ready for Thursday, March 4!

Carol Topp, CPA

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