Here’s your copy of Business Q&A for CC Directors. I hope it’s helpful!

Please don’t share the ebook. Do not email the file to another person. Do not store the file on a cloud-based shared file system. Do not share it on social media. You are in violation of my copyright if you pass this ebook along to another person.

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Try my webinar

I have a webinar on the details of preparing a tax return “Tax Prep for Homeschool Business Owners.” I think it will be very helpful (in addition to the ebook). The cost to view the 90 minute webinar is $10.  Purchase the Tax Prep Webinar for $10

Purchase the Tax Prep Webinar for $10

Will you do my taxes?

No, sorry. I no longer prepare individual tax returns. I focus on writing, podcasting, webinars and  consultations with homeschool business owners and nonprofit organizations.

You can find a local tax preparer from these sources:

Both of these websites allow you to search for a local tax preparer who is knowledgeable about taxes for small sole proprietor businesses. Look for the Enrolled Agent (EA) or Certified Public Accountant (CPA) designation.

Do you offer business consultations?

No sorry, i semi-retired in June 2023 and no longer offer consultations. I hope my books and other resources answer most of your questions!


Carol Topp, CPA

Helping homeschool leaders