Webinar: Tax Preparation for Homeschool Business Owners

Webinar for homeschool co-op teachers, tutors, CC directors and business owners on how to prepare your 2018 tax returns.

Taxes! Oh my! Tax returns will be a doozy with massive tax law changes and the redesigned Form 1040.

But tax preparation for homeschool business owners is even more complex than regular taxpayers.

Fortunately, HomeschoolCPA is here to help. I recorded a webinar.

 Tax Prep for Homeschool Business Owners (webinar recording)

$10.00 includes unlimited viewing and a handout of slides

Here’s what the webinar covers:

  • Highlights of tax changes for 2018
  • IRS tax forms for a sole proprietorship: Schedule C and SE
  • Self-employment tax
  • How to pay yourself
  • Tax deductions common to homeschool business owners
  • New tax deduction for 2018! Look out for this one. It’s terrific!
  • The new redesigned IRS Form 1040
  • Two sample tax returns. Yes, I walk you through two sample tax returns, so you can see how everything looks. 🙂
  • Common mistakes to avoid

Carol, thank you again for the webinar. It was one of the BEST webinars I’ve EVER attended. If you do hold another one, I would pay for it hands down.  Totally worth the $10! -Denise, webinar attendee

Carol, thank you for doing this for us! I am not a numbers person at all, and still found this webinar very interesting and helpful.”-Anne, webinar attendee

“I actually don’t care for webinars at all – it is not my learning style at all and I struggle to focus, but this one was extremely value and had my attention”. -Mary, webinar attendee

This webinar is for:

  • Paid teachers at a homeschool co-op
  • Tutors getting paid as Independent Contractors
  • Directors/owners of homeschool programs such as CC directors running a community
  • Music teachers, tutors, coaches, etc. running their own businesses
  • Business owners selling services to the homeschool marketplace

The webinar recording costs only $10. You will gain a lot more than $10 worth of information, I promise.

For $10 so you get:

  • Access to the webinar video to re-watch as often as needed (just save the link!)
  • Download of the webinar slides
  • Notification of upcoming webinars for homeschool business owners and nonprofit leaders

Carol Topp, CPA
Helping Homeschool Leaders


  1. Hi There,
    I purchased the webinar replay on 1/24 and I can not find the link to log in and replay it. Please help! I sent an email Friday 1/25/19.

  2. Nanette, I replied to your email on Saturday Jan 26. Check your junk mail. I sent it from caroltoppcpa@zoomtown.com

    Frequently hotmail rejects emails from me.

    Or PM me on Facebook.

    Or use a non hotmail email address if you have one.
    Carol Topp

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