DIY 1023 Resources

DIY Tax Exempt Application: Resources to help you apply for 501c3 Tax Exempt Status

I have bundled several resources to help homeschool organizations apply for tax exempt status themselves using the longer Form 1023. This give you assurance that your application will be successful in getting 501c3 status.

Is my organization eligible to file the shorter Form 1023-EZ?

Three Webinar Set
and ebook
These three webinars will explain how to start a nonprofit, apply for 501c3 status and what to do after you are a 501c3 tax exempt organization.

A bonus: Carol Topp’s ebook The IRS and Your Homeschool Organization.

The 3-webinar set (plus extras) sells for $50.

Form 1023 Template
This template of the IRS Form 1023 is 80% complete. You simply make it specific for your organization. Use it to file your Form 1023 with the IRS. The Form 1023 is filed online as of 1/1/2020.

The template is a Form 1023 filled out and accompanying Word document to cut and paste into the IRS Form 1023.

Value: $100

Review your self-prepared Form 1023
Carol Topp, CPA will review your self-prepared Form 1023 and offer comments and tips for speedy approval by the IRS.

Value: $100-$300


The cost of the total DIY 1023 bundle is $250.

Email Carol Topp, CPA if you are interested in this bundle. She will invoice you and email the resources to you directly.

Optional Add ons

IRS and State Filings. What to do after you receive 501c3 status.
A customized report of what your organization needs to file annually with the IRS and your state to maintain your 501c3 tax exempt status.

Includes forms for you to complete and due dates.

Cost $100

Phone consultation with Carol Topp, CPA
Have questions about applying to tax exempt status? Arrange a Phone Consultation