501c3 Tax Exempt Status

IRSprices effective January 1, 2019

 IRS Streamlined Form 1023-EZ Application includes:

  • Determine your eligibility for IRS Form 1023-EZ
  • Examine your organizing documents for compliance with Form 1023-EZ
  • Explain the important parts of the Form 1023-EZ and be with you over the phone while you input the information (your option).
  • Research and inform you of any necessary forms from your state for tax exemption.

Cost: $300 (effective January 1, 2019) plus IRS fee of $275.

While the 1023-EZ form is much simpler than the full Form 1023, it is very important that you determine if you are eligible to use the form. That’s where my experience will help you.

Please contact me to request an engagement letter and questionnaire for the 1023-EZ application. We will arrange a mutually agreeable time for a phone consultation.


Full 501(c)(3) Application includes:

I am no longer accepting clients for the full 1023 application.

Instead I am happy to refer you to several other qualified professionals or services that can assist you.

I am still available to review a Form 1023 application packet that you prepare yourself.

Review of Self Prepared 501(c)(3)Application

I will review forms you have prepared. Your organization can save money by doing much of the work yourself. I will review your Form 1023 Application for Tax Exempt Status and offer my opinion and advice.

Cost: $85/hour for approximately 2 to 4 hours (approximate total cost $200-$400). Time: 1-2 weeks.

State filings:

You’re not finished with the paperwork when you receive the IRS letter. Your state may have several required forms for you to file as well. This service includes:

  • Researching your state’s required filings for new tax exempt organizations
  • Research annual filings required by your state
  • Drafting a letter for your board and future boards explaining the required forms with dues dates

Cost: $50-$100. This does not include preparing any of the state forms, nor any state filing fees. Most nonprofit organizations find they can file the state forms themselves.


Today we received a letter from the IRS stating that we have been granted 501c3 status!!! Wooohoooo!!! Thanks for all of your help. We never would have had the confidence to pursue this further if you hadn’t been so encouraging. Doing a happy dance…-Shawna Amick, SHINE, TX

After submitting two rounds of clarifications about our group, we are now tax exempt!!  We also have received tax exempt status in KY:)  Thank you so much for your help during this process, it was definitely what made the difference!
-Suellen Barnes, Homes For His Glory, KY

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Contact HomeschoolCPA, Carol Topp, CPA, to arrange for assistance in applying for 501(c)(3) tax exempt status.