Thank you for purchasing the Board Training Video set. We think it will be very helpful as you lead your homeschool organization.


But do NOT share it except with your CURRENT Board members only and only via email.

Board Training for Homeschool Groups

Part 1 video covers:

  • Nonprofit Characteristics
  • Board Composition
  • Board Structure
  • Board Duties

The password is BOARD

The password for Part 1 is BOARD

In Part 2 we cover:

  • Board Meetings
  • Bylaws
  • Board Personalities

The Password for Part 2 is BOARD2

The password for Part 2 is BOARD2

In the Live Q&A the hosts spent an hour answering questions about homeschool boards.

The password for the Q&A video is ANSWERS

The password for the Q&A video is ANSWERS

Transcript of the Chat (i.e. the questions asked)


Slides for Part 1

Slides for Part 2

Homeschool Board Members Manual This document is a template for you to create a board member binder. A list of important documents to keep in your binder. It is also a 55-page board training manual with helpful articles on board duties, job descriptions, benefits for board members and more.

This opens as a Word .docx file. Be sure to save it onto your computer! If you have an older version of Word or a Mac that cannot open a .docx file, please request an .doc version by emailing