Dollars and Sense Show # 1: What is a micro business and why is it such a great idea?

Carol Topp has launched a new internet radio show (podcast) called Dollars and Sense, part of the Ultimate Homeschool Radio Network.


On the Dollars and Sense first show(yes, show #1!) host Carol Topp discusses:

What is a micro business and why is it such a great idea?

Listen to the show here

Based on her book Starting a Micro Business, Carol explains what a micro business is and why it’s such a great way for a teenager (or mom and dad) to earn money

Show Notes:

What is a micro business

  • Simple and fast to start up
  • Only one worker, the owner
  • Sole proprietorship (only one owner, unlike a partnership or a corporation)
  • Little start up money needed or completely debt free
  • Usually home-based
  • Low risk
  • Manageable
  • Learn while earning

What can you learn?

  • Business skills: customer service, marketing, pricing, record keeping, taxes, etc
  • School skills, math, writing, speaking
  • How to manage time,  balance commitments, multi-task
  • How to overcome shyness, be unique,  gain confidence, overcome fear and express yourself

On the show Carol mentioned a a YouTube video based on her book, Starting a Micro Business.

and her Pinterest page with lots of micro business ideas

Learn more about starting and running a micro business


Tune in for the next Dollars and Sense show on October 24 when Carol will discuss finding and testing a great idea for your micro business


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