Support Group Idea: Homeschool and Working Mom


Over at the Pioneer Woman, Heather Sanders shares a wonderful idea for a support group meeting:

Work and Homeschool

Lots of homeschool moms homeschool and work, some outside the home and some run their own-home-based businesses. I have run my accounting  business for 12 of the 14 years I homeschooled. (I’m now retired from homeschooling because both of my daughters are in college)

I’m frequently asked to present my workshop titled Wanna be a WAHM (Work at Home Mom)? at homeschool conventions, so I know this is a hot topic.

See the slides for Wanna be a WAHM? here.

Here’s the start of Heather’s post.

Last Tuesday evening I rode with my friend Wendy and her sister to attend a Homeschool Support meeting in a neighboring city. We are not members of this particular group, but the evening’s discussion topic, “homeschooling moms who are also working moms”, was of interest to us.

On more than one occasion Wendy and I have discussed the precarious balance between working and teaching. Though somewhat flexible, Wendy’s work takes her outside of the home. Already planning ahead for next year, she hopes to finagle a Monday/Tuesday work schedule, but wanted ideas about how to manage the rest of the week to get all her kids’ work completed.


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She offers some suggestions for organizing a support group meeting. Read them here:


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