Carnival of Homeschooling-One Thousand Gifts

This Carnival is dedicated to Kristen Fagala, wife of Paul and mother to 7 children, who passed away from a sudden brain aneurysm. She was an inspiration and encouragement to homeschool leaders. What a loss to all of us in the homeschooling world, and especially to her family. Offer your condolences on her Facebook page.

Welcome to the Carnival of Homeschooling-One Thousand Gifts theme

The theme for this blog carnival is based on  the book by homeschool mom Ann Voskamp One Thousand Gifts. We are focusing on all the gifts we’ve been given as homeschoolers and all the gifts (especially the unexpected ones) we’ve received.

Please post a comment and add to our list of gifts; we’d love to see your blessings!

My list begins with these gifts:

  • air conditioning (so we’re not grumpy with each other!)
  • other homeschool parents who share their experience
  • books, books, books!
  • homeschool conventions and vendors
  • time with my daughters

Time with our children

Laura Grace Weldon shares how her kids are blessed with the freedom to be themselves can grow up strong enough to follow their dreams in “Strong Enough to be Ourselves” Laura’s gifts include lasting memories, laughter, family sayings worth repeating

The Home Educating Family Publishing Blog says that there’s one very special gift homeschooling brings to military families: time in a blog post titled The Gifts of Homeschooling. Some of the gifts homeschooling has brought include: time; family togetherness; opportunities; adventures; community; personalized education

Linda Dobson reminds parents that only you can rescue your child from the schooling that causes lasting psychic damage in Schooling Causes Psychic Damage Lasting Into Adulthood | PARENT AT THE HELM posted at PARENT AT THE HELM.

Henry from Why Homeschool writes about a new tradition for his family: Weekly Family Councils.

Homeschool vendors

Kay Ryan presents Internet Safety For Kids Podcast ? Episode #11 posted at Keep Your Family Safe Online, saying, “Bryan Bowers interviews Mary Kay Hoal, with YourSphere Media. Mary Kay is a nationally recognized expert in child Internet safety and was recently featured on the ABC News show 20/20. This is the second in a three part series.”

Amy shares Geography Resources posted at Hope Is the Word.

Nebby presents Things that are Supposed to be Good (re Homeschool Curricula) posted at Letters from Nebby.

Other who share their homeschool experience

Andrea of Notes from a Homeschool Mom shares Reasons why I’m glad we homeschool: CRCT fiasco. Local public schools were busted in a huge test cheating fiasco. So why do they want us homeschoolers testing again? Andrea’s gifts of homeschooling include closeness with my kids, expressive children, independent children, educational freedom and a heightened sense of responsibility.

Robin of Crack the Egg Blog blogs that if every homeschooling mom keeps these three things in mind, she won’t be bothered by watching other families with a summer break and wondering why she’s not getting one in Homeschool Organization: Three Tips to Help You Relax. Robin is thankful for these gifts: Not asking permission to pursue what we love, enjoying science with a cat in your lap and time and freedom to read about math, not just do it.

Lisa from Four Simply Living sees homeschooling not as a sacrifice but as a ministry. “How did do I change my pity to passion? I chose to look at homeschooling with different eyes. I no longer see this commitment as a sacrifice; I see it as a reward.” in her post Homeschooling Pity to Passion . Gifts that homeschooling has brought her include: turning pity to passion, knowing that God has my back, coffee, cookies and hot chocolate, home-ec at its best, really knowing who my kids are, and marveling at the gift of being able to spend every day with them, all day!

Cristina Payne presents Impressing Learning posted at Home Spun Juggling, saying, “Sometimes it’s better to lead by example. They learn when they are ready.” 3 gifts: wildlife (we learn so much from it!), a working car, art supplies.

ChristineMM presents A Risk My Husband (and I) Are Willing to Take posted at The Thinking Mother, saying, “ChristineMM of The Thinking Mother shares the content of a lecture her husband gave their 13 year old son about education.”

Jen from Chestnut Grove Academy explains the Why and How of using workboxes in a homeschool at Revisiting the ‘WHY’ and ‘HOW TO’ of work boxes

Book, books, books! (and other great stuff!)

Jen of Frugal Kids shows parents/teachers how to use foam shapes to explore sorting, matching, and making patterns with their preschoolers in Sorting, Matching, and Pattern Fun

Katherine of No fighting, no biting! blogs that after much angst, her 7 year old is reading in busting through the wall. Katherine’s gifts include a quality education for the children, more family cohesiveness, freedom, as opposed to being on someone else’s schedule

momtobe0520 presents the socialization issue posted at Bugs, Knights, and Turkeys in the Yard, saying, “Another voice on the issue of homeschool and socialization” as she reviews Rick Boyer’s The Socialization Trap.

Miss Nirvana presents Garfield Park Conservatory and Sunken Garden in Indianapolis posted at Nirvana Homeschooling.

Pamela Jorrick tells about the fun and trial of  Early Morning Camp Week posted at Blah, Blah, Blog. Her gifts : Sleeping in * Reading books in PJs * Strong family relationships * Watching my children grow and learn * Rediscovering my own love of learning

Kathi Weiss shares what her family does for fun and learning in It’s Too Hot To Think posted at Homeschool Online.

Lisa at School Marm Ohio has been busy reading and shares her recommendations  in Reads for High School. Her gift list includes  Cuddle time on the couch, Dreams shared, “Ah-ha!” moments, Sharing life as a family, Being real, Sharing my passion for the Lord and life with my sons, Seizing the moment, Field trips, Thinking outside the box, Sock fights, Hugs and kisses (Still even though they are young men) and A lifetime of memories


Thanks to everyone who shared.

Since I dedicated this Carnival to my friend, fellow homeschooler, Kristen Fagala, I need to add to my gift list: Friends I make via the internet, the hope of eternal life, examples of generosity from other homeschool mothers, prayers of others, kind words, reminders that life is short.

Please post a comment and add to our list of gifts; we’d love to see your blessings!

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Carol Topp, CPA


  1. Thank you for hosting this week’s carnival, Carol! Looks like some wonderful posts to check out.

    So sorry to hear of Kristen’s passing. Our prayers are with her family and friends.

  2. Thx for the invite to your page today, Carol. I hope all is well with you and your family.

    Today is my birthday, and I find myself very thankful. I recently discovered a show on the TLC channel – Surprise Homecomings. Every time I watch this show, I am moved to tears by the love and gratefulness shown with each family reunion.

    I think of my boy, Steve, as he is about to finish a deployment next month. He left in January just after his son’s first birthday, and will return in August *hopefully* in time for his coming son’s birthday! Yes, they are expecting another bundle of joy in August!

    I think of the blessing of family. This show reminds me time & time again, that aside from our relationship with the Lord, family is the only thing of importance.

    BUT… most of all… when I watch this show, I think of RECONCILIATION. I see the love of the Lord come shining through the gift of family. And, it reminds me of how much I’m loved and how much I am to love others.

    Cherishing each day,

  3. What a great carnival, Carol! Especially liked reading everyone’s gifts of homeschooling – sounds like we all love our kids and having time with them. Thanks for hosting. Will be in prayer for your friend’s family.

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