HomeschoolCPA had to check out , but there is still help for homeschool leaders!

It’s been about 5 months since I last posted a blog post! It’s been a busy 5 months.

My mother entered hospice care in March 2023 due to congestive heart failure. She was well cared for by hospice and we thought she had many months ahead of her, but unfortunately she passed away on July 4, 2023. She was 87 years old, a woman of great faith and was ready to go. She was able to see or speak to all her children and grandchildren in the four days before she passed and was at peace.

They had moved from Wisconsin to be near me in Ohio a year ago and settled into a very nice assisted living apartment. We just never thought Mom would go first! That meant a scurry of activity during a very stressful time to get my father situated in a memory care unit. He’s settled in now and life is entering a new normal.

So as you can imagine I’ve been busy these past few months.

Help for Homeschool Leaders goes on…

But while I have been distracted homeschool groups leaders still got the assistance they needed through several resources:

My recommended Homeschool Consultants. I am so glad I had the foresight to train several homeschool leaders to be consultants to help other homeschool group leaders. They took over my client load and I felt comfortable knowing they were helping leaders.

Facebook group I am a Homeschool Group Leader is a great place for leaders to ask questions and get answers from 3,000 other nonprofit homeschool group leaders.

New Facebook group Secrets to a Thriving Homeschool Group This new is for people in the “thinking about starting” phase or may already have a group but are not fully formed as a nonprofit (yet). They talk about group structure and the decision to be a nonprofit or not. The moderators help you make sure your group has the foundation that will enable it to thrive.

And my website, although neglected recently, still has articles, blog posts, and podcasts episodes to help homeschool leaders. And my books, ebooks and webinars are still available.

So while I have been busy settling an estate, arranging a funeral, and moving my father, homeschool leaders can still get good advice on starting and running their organizations. And I am so glad!

Carol Topp, CPA

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