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Welcome to HomeschoolCPA’s collection of blog posts about boards: the leadership for a homeschool nonprofit organization. You’ll find helpful tips for recruiting and replacing board members and clear explanations of board duties.
The board’s duties are outlined in an organizations’ bylaws. You can find sample bylaws here:

Homeschool Board Training videos on sale for March 2023!

We are so pleased to announce that and have released a set of three videos to train homeschool board members! In the month of March 2023 the set that usually sells for $40 will be reduced to $25!…

Should a homeschool group have term limits?

Currently we have a board divided on whether or not we should have term limits for board members.Should the board of directors of a nonprofit homeschool organization decide if the board should have term limits, or does that decision belong to the general membership?Thank…

How to prepare board members for transition

A question was asked on the I am a Homeschool Group Leader Facebook group regarding planning for a transition. One issue I’d like to hear about on your podcast is how to choose board members, and prepare them well for…

Homeschool Board Duties

Did you know the 4 main duties of homeschool board members? They are the duty of care, loyalty, management and compliance.