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Welcome to HomeschoolCPA’s list of blog posts about tax exempt status revocation and reinstatement. It’s a confusion topic, but these blog posts will help your homeschool nonprofit understand the IRS procedure to get your tax exempt status reinstated.

Lost your tax exempt status?

If your organization has not filed any of the 990/990EZ/990N forms for three years, it is likely your tax exempt status was revoked.

IRS reinstates 501c3 status for homeschool music program

I am so pleased and relieved to announce that First Colony Homeschool Ensembles (FCHA) in Texas has had their 501c3 tax exempt status reinstated! This case was particularly complex. Over a year ago FCHA contacted me. FCHA had applied for…

Maintaining your tax exempt: IRS virtual workshop

I’ve attended lots of training by the IRS for nonprofit and tax exempt organizations. They are usually informative, but a little dull. The IRS training modules (videos, virtual workshops, live and virtual conferences, and lots of documents) apply to all…

DIY 501c3 tax exempt status

In 2019 Carol Topp started an ambitious project. She set out to record 3 webinars to hep homeschool groups form a nonprofit and apply for 501vc3 status. In this podcast she describes these 3 webinars. Create a Nonprofit Organization for…