Maintaining your tax exempt: IRS virtual workshop

I’ve attended lots of training by the IRS for nonprofit and tax exempt organizations. They are usually informative, but a little dull. The IRS training modules (videos, virtual workshops, live and virtual conferences, and lots of documents) apply to all sorts of nonprofit organizations, large and small. That’s why I created books, podcasts and webinars specifically for homeschool nonprofits.

But I recently found a few IRS training videos that were pretty good! One in particular on maintaining your tax exempt status was informative, interactive and easy to follow. This virtual workshop runs for 30 minutes and covers:

  • The IRS Form 990 annual exempt organization returns
  • Record keeping needed to prepare the Form 990
  • Unrelated business income tax filings
  • Public disclosure requirements
  • Prohibited political activities
  • Private benefit and inurement

I am asked about these topics all the time, so now you can get the information from the source: the IRS!

Maintaining Your Tax Exempt Status (IRS virtual workshop)

(if you’d rather read this information, a transcript is provided as well)

The IRS website called Stay Exempt has lots of other virtual workshops for small and medium-sized organizations. Click on any topic on the top menu that fits your circumstances such as Starting Out or Existing Organizations.

I think you will find them helpful and worth your time.

If you find any of the IRS information confusing and wonder if it applies to your homeschool group, please contact HomeschoolCPA. We can arrange a phone consultation or Zoom meeting to discuss your particular situation.

Carol Topp, CPA

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