Change your homeschool group’s name on your EIN

Fixing the incorrect name on the EIN with the IRS.


Our homeschool group formed a nonprofit corporation in our state with the name Grace Home School Organization. We just discovered that our EIN with the IRS has Grace Homeschool Organization with  “Homeschool” as one word, not two words. What do we do?




The name on your incorporation paperwork takes legal precedent over the name on the EIN, so you need to notify the IRS that there is an error in the EIN’s name. Here is what I found on how to change your name on your EIN.

Write a letter to  IRS Exempt Organization (P.O. Box 2508  Cincinnati, OH 45201) or Fax: (855) 204-6184. Include a copy of the amendment to the Articles of Association, Constitution, or other organizing document (i.e., original Articles of Incorporation) , showing the effective date of the change of name and signed by at least two officers, trustees or members.

The letter or fax reporting the change of name must include your organization’s 

  • full name (both the prior name and the new name) 
  • Employer Identification Number and 
  • authorized signature (an officer or trustee) 

The individual signing the letter must state the capacity in which he or she is signing (for example, “John Smith, President”).


Include a copy of your original incorporation paperwork (Articles of Incorporation) from your state proving your legal name is Grace Home School Organization. The IRS should simply correct the incorrect spelling of “Home School” on the EIN.

Have you set up your homeschool group as a nonprofit corporation? Do you know the benefits and the process?

Carol Topp’s webinar Create a Nonprofit for Your Homeschool Community walks you through the steps of forming a nonprofit and getting incorporated in your state.


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