Child abuse in your homeschool group

What should we do if we suspect child abuse in our homeschool group?


Can I get in any trouble for not reporting some practices? (I’m) concern(ed) about a child of 16 working till 3 and 4 in the morning.


Thank you for contacting me. Sounds as if you are quite concerned!

This is probably a question for HSLDA or Homeschool Legal Advantage lawyers, not me.

I heard TJ Schmidt of HSLDA at the FPEA convention in FL discuss reporting when you see child abuse or neglect. He explained that we, as general citizens, have a responsibility to report abuse/neglect when we see it. I learned that mandatory reporting of crimes can vary by state.

You can google “reporting child abuse” and your state name to read the definition of child abuse in your state.

Most states and cities have a anonymous hotline you can call and ask what to do.

Good luck!

Carol Topp

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