Co-op Policy Pop Quiz!

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One year my co-op got creative with how to explain our policies, so we created a quiz and made a skit doing it as a game show.

Here’s the whole quiz if you’d like to see it:

1. If you know you’re going to be absent well ahead of time, you should… 
A. Inform the Director, and demand that she find replacements for you.
B. Find your own replacements for cleaning, teaching, and/or assistant assignments and inform the Director of your plans.
C. Do nothing and hope it all works out.

2. If you want to make class assignment changes after classes have started, you must… 
A. Make your request in writing, get signatures from both teachers, the registrar and the treasurer, and pay the change fee(s).
B. Have your child show up in the new class unannounced.
C. Just check with both teachers to see if the switch is OK with them; no one else needs to be informed.

3. If you wake up the morning of co-op and you or your child are ill, you should… 
A. Stay hydrated and get some rest, but avoid using the telephone to call the Director in case your illness is able to be transmitted through the phone.
B. Find your own replacements for teaching or assisting if possible, and inform the Director of your plans. If you unable to find replacements, ask the Director if she will please help you out in finding replacements.
C. Do nothing and hope it all works out.

4. When is it appropriate for students to be running in the halls? 
A. During a fire drill.
B. If they are really, truly in a hurry.
C. Under no circumstances.


Doing it as a game show really helped people remember the policies!

Carol Topp

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