Do you have what it takes to start a homeschool hybrid?

Rebecca Foley operates a homeschool hybrid program in New York. She launched a website to help share her knowledge and experience.

Her blog post titled, “Do you have what it takes?” Rebecca knows that a vision to start a hybrid may leave you scared!

Starting a business is a LOT of work! But don’t be scared (actually, you CAN be scared, just don’t be too scared to keep going), because if you have the vision, you probably can do it.

Rebecca Foley

Rebecca tells you one key qualification you need to have to start a hybrid homeschool program:

All you really need is a vision for what you want this to look like in the end with ONE KEY QUALIFICATION ….drum roll …

Surround yourself with the right people!

You need to fill your gaps. I can’t tell you how important this is for success that lasts.

Rebecca Foley

Read Rebecca’s full blog post

Rebecca Foley

Rebecca is a very encouraging cheerleader for hybrid homeschools. She offers consultations to people interested in starting a hybrid. Visit her website to learn more.

She also offers a multi-part video course to start a hybrid homeschool program. It’s really worth checking out! The intro is free so you get an idea of what the other videos cover.

Rebecca packs so much into these videos! You’ll learn a ton and avoid making mistakes.

If you quit, or never start, you never will see your vision take form. That’s a certainty.

But if you don’t quit and you just prepare, be a little scared, and plow ahead anyway? You may have a beautiful community, a business, a job, or whatever it is you want in a year or two.

So know yourself, fill your gaps, and then do it scared. You probably have, or can get…what it takes.

Rebecca Foley

I couldn’t say it better myself!

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