Dollars and Sense Show # 3: What a business plan can do for your micro business

Carol Topp discusses business plans for a micro business on her new internet radio show (podcast) called Dollars and Sense, part of the Ultimate Homeschool Radio Network.


In this episode of the  Dollars and Sense Show host Carol Topp discusses

What a business plan can do for your micro business

Based on her book Starting a Micro Business, Carol explains what a business plan for micro business can do for you and why a it is guaranteed to bring you success!

Listen to the show here

Show Notes:

Creating a Business Plan


The product or service

How to measure success


Potential customers

The competition

How you will stand out

Financial Plan

Cost to start

Price to customers

On the show Carol mentioned a YouTube video based on her book, Starting a Micro Business.

and her Pinterest page with lots of micro business ideas

Here’s a free e-booklet on creating a business plan for a micro business. This is a 24 page extract from Carol’s Micro Business for Teens books


Tune in for the next Dollars and Sense show on November 21, 2013 when Carol will discuss Unplugging the Christmas Machine.


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