Is your homeschool co-op open to special needs students?

Some homeschool co-ops struggle to open their doors to children with special needs.
Has your co-op opened its doors to children with special needs?

I belonged to a co-op for over 10 years that had several children with special needs. Some mild, some severe.

The co-op was a place where they could fit in and learn at their pace.

HSLDA Home School Heartbeat

HSLDA’s daily radio show Homeschool Heartbeat recently addressed the issue of special needs children in homeschool co-ops. HSLDA Special Needs Coordinator Faith Berens shares how homeschool co–ops can provide encouragement and great opportunities for their families!

“Children with special needs can benefit greatly from participating in [a homeschool co-op].”
—Faith Berens


Listen to the entire program here

or listen via iTunes here (look for the program dated 11/3/13 through 11/6/13)

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