Filing Form 990 retroactively


I hope you can help me I am a newly hired Executive Director for a program in Alaska.  Our Board President, filed the paperwork for state non-profit, and also for our EIN, however since 2007 he has not filed the 990 with the IRS as the program was dormant until now.  Is this something I need to do retroactively?  I know it is suggested that with or without income the forms should be filed, I am just not certain where to go from here…  Please help if you are able!



I wish you success in your new job!

Start by doing an internet search on the IRS website to see if your organization ever filed for 501c3 tax exempt status.,,id=96136,00.html

You can also search on Guidestar’s website.  Guidestar is a database of charities.

You will need your organization’s official, legal name; the one on the EIN or the state nonprofit incorporation paperwork.

501c3 status is not granted automatically, it must be applied for with a lengthy application (Form 1023). I did a quick search on the IRS and Guidestar sites for your name and state but  found nothing.  It could be I wasn’t using your official name or it could be your organization has never applied for 501c3 status.

Carol Topp, CPA

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