Former CC Director explains the liability that she carried as a Director

Colleen Eubanks shares a video review of Classical Conversations. She was a tutor and Classical Conversations Licensed Director for two years.

About the 13:30 mark (roughly half way), she clearly explains some of the liability that she carried as a Licensed CC Director. Her concerns include:

  • Paying tutors as employees or Independent Contractor
  • Not being hired as an employee when a Director
  • Securing a facility to meet and being responsible to the building
  • Potentially jeopardizing the church’s property tax exemption by operating her for-profit business in a church

Since Collen owned another business in addition to directing a CC Community, she knew about employees and Independent Contractors. She also consulted her CPA in running her CC Community business. Smart woman!

She explains her concerns clearly and factually. All CC Directors should be aware of the liability they carry so they enter into a licensing agreement fully aware of these issues.

I hate to hear stories of CC Directors not being aware of the fact they are running a business! And it’s very unfortunate when a church learns that a business has been operating on their property and asks the CC Community to leave. That gives homeschool groups a bad reputation with churches.

Listen to her comments at the 22:20-23:16 minute mark. She encourages CC Directors to fully understand the kind of business they are setting up and that just because it is a low-profit (or no profit) business does not make it a legitimate, nonprofit organization.

Are you considering converting your CC Community from a business to a legitimate nonprofit organization?

My webinar on Create A Nonprofit for Your Homeschool Community can help. It’s only $10 and runs 90 minutes. Typically you would pay $150 for an hour and a half of my time, so the webinar is a bargain.

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