Homeschool Board Training videos

We are so pleased to announce that and have released a set of two (and soon to be three) videos to train homeschool board members!

We really felt the need to train board members since many homeschool leaders have never served on a nonprofit board before.

We cover a lot in these two videos including:

  • Nonprofit Characteristics (how they are different from a business)
  • Board Composition (who is on the board?)
  • Board Structure (roles, titles, committees, paid staff, etc)
  • Board Duties (what doe the board members do?)
  • Board Meetings: How to stay on track
  • Bylaws
  • Board Personalities

BONUS: In addition to the two videos (each is about 40-50 minutes long), included is a copy of Carol Topp’s ebook Homeschool Board Member Manual.

ANOTHER BONUS: Hosts Carol Topp and Becky Abrams will host a LIVE Q&A in April 2022 to answer your questions for everyone that purchases the set before March 30, 2022. This live session will be recorded and added to the video set. So you get three videos!

A THIRD BONUS: Because we want all board members trained, you will be allowed to share the link to the videos and slides with your CURRENT board members.

For more details visit: Homeschool Board Training video set

So don’t delay. Purchase your set by March 30, 2022, watch the videos, and then join us with your questions about homeschool boards in our Live Zoom meeting in April 2022.
(Note: Video Part 2 should be accessible on March 10, 2022)

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