Homeschool leaders: You are not responsible for homeschooling other peoples’ children!

We seem to be at a crossroads in our 2-day tutorial program. Approximately 30 families, in our second year. We are planning for next year, securing teachers and trying to make the class offerings.

We are stuck at who we are as a group. Are we an academic group, offering most of the classes that families need so that they are just doing “homework” with the kids on the off days?

Or are we more of support group, offering some academic classes and some electives?
We have vocal parents on both sides and genuinely don’t know how to proceed. We will lose families either way.

We can’t be all things to all people – we’ve tried! How did you all decide your path as a group?



In general, I discourage homeschool leaders from taking on too much responsibility for educating someone else’s child (i.e., parents “just doing homework with the kids on the off days”).

My mantra: You, dear group leader, are NOT responsible for homeschooling other people’s children!

Your group is NOT essential to the success in homeschooling.

Please don’t offer “most of the classes that the family needs.” There are private schools that offer that.

Don’t take on the responsibility (and privilege and **joy** ) of home educating that belongs to the parents.

Sure, half your parents want you to homeschool their kids! Why not? But, for your sanity and peace of mind, try to resist the pressure to meet all their needs.

Homeschooling parents can be demanding and suck the life out of you. Set boundaries. Don’t give into their wishes for your group to be everything they need.

Podcast with three reminders for homeschool leaders

Here’s a podcast where I offer perspective to homeschool group leaders and a warning to not try to do everything.

  • You cannot be all things to all people-so stop trying!
  • Your organization is not essential to the success of homeschooling!
  • You are not responsible for homeschooling other peoples’ children!

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