Homeschoolers: It’s honor copyright week! Learn what’s legal and what’s not!

Unfortunately, copyright infringement is a frequent occurrence among the homeschool community. Learn what's legal and what is not.


Is this legal?

1. A mom of seven, Jane is always looking for ways to be frugal, such as having her children use page-protector overlays and wipe-off markers instead of writing in their workbooks. This way, she doesn’t have to buy extra copies.

or how about this one:

2. Dawn is so excited about her new lesson-planning software that she shares the DVD with her best friend.

or this one:

3. At a homeschool convention, Becky picks up a history text. It’s not a workbook, so her son writes his answers in a spiral notebook. Becky plans to reuse the book with her daughter next year, and then she’ll sell it.

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This week is honor copyright week.

Unfortunately, copyright infringement is a frequent occurrence among the homeschool  community. There are groups on Facebook, Yahoo, and other social media platforms which improperly distribute free files or illegally share paid files.  In many cases, the infringement is an issue of ignorance on the part of well-meaning and caring homeschoolers. Many people do not fully understand copyright law and aren’t knowledgeable enough to speak out against it when they see abuse.

Additionally, there is a large amount of misinformation which confuses homeschool parents. During the #honorcopyright week, we will be digging into to the dos and don’ts of copyright law to learn together. This week is not about policing or shaming; it’s about learning. Together, we can learn to understand and honor copyright law.

For basic information about dos and don’ts of copyright law, start here:

Carol Topp, CPA

answers: 1.No, 2. No and 3. Yes.

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