How do you find a location for your homeschool co-op?

Homeschool leaders share a list of places where homeschool co-ops meet.

I love the Facebook group I am a homeschool group leader. It’s like as support group for homeschool leaders.

Recently Kate asked,

How do you go about finding a location for your co-op? The church we had in mind wants us to rent the space (about $8000 for the ten month school year) which is not cost effective.

Here are some of the replies she received:

  • Municipal recreation centers
  • Try other churches
  • Public libraries
  • Vets halls, VFW Halls, American Legion Halls
  • Homeowner clubhouses
  • Boys & Girls clubs.  More than one leader commented that their local Boys and Girls Clubs were used by homeschool co-op during the day.
  • Places that offer after school programming. Lots of times they are empty during the day.
  • Public parks with buildings.

What a great list of ideas! I’d never thought of some of them.

Where does your co-op met?

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