Merry Christmas 2019! Don’t plan on getting a lot done!

Why can I not get everything done that I plan over a break?
Topp family in Zion National Park, Utah August 2019

Merry Christmas from HomeschoolCPA and the entire Topp family! The photo was taken in August 2019 on our family vacation to Zion National Park in Utah. What an amazing, beautiful place. We loved the time we spent there.

I hope you have a restful, peaceful holiday.

Are you like me and think, “I’ve got some time off (from homeschooling, running a homeschool group, work, etc.), so I’ll get a lot done!” but you never do?

I always think I will get so much done on my Christmas break. My list this year includes:

  1. Organize my basement so I can have a real studio to paint and draw.
  2. Read novels, nonfiction books, and a required textbook for my CPA license continuing education.
  3. Catch up on blog posts and podcast episodes for this site (and a few others sites I manage).
  4. Take an online classes (in colored pencil drawing my new hobby).
  5. Prepare emails, blog posts, tweets for a new book I am releasing in January. 🙂

Who am I kidding? I’d be lucky to start two of these tasks and get one of these tasks finished!

Why can I not get everything done that I plan over a break?

Well, it’s because my husband is off work and my adult daughters hang out at our house a lot during the holidays.

So the real reason I don’t get a lot done is that getting stuff done is NOT the point of a holiday break.

The point is to rest, recharge, and spend time with my loved ones!

So I plan to do that and let the list be replaced with this task:

Rest and spend time with my family.

I wish you and your family a restful, peaceful Christmas and New Year. Just don’t expect to get a lot done! 🙂

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