New Facebook Group for homeschool group leaders just starting

I’m so pleased that some of the members of I am a Homeschool Group Leader have launched a new Facebook group for people just starting or thinking about starting a homeschool group.

Secrets to a Thriving Homeschool Group

This group is really needed.

The I am a Homeschool Group Leader group is for established nonprofit homeschool groups that are up and running who want advice from other leaders. It is not for people just thinking about starting a homeschool group because they could bog down the discussion with questions looking for basic information on starting a group and establishing it as a nonprofit.

So the moderators of I am a Homeschool Group Leader found themselves declining requests to join from people needing the basics. We needed another group with experienced leaders who can give accurate information to them about the early steps in forming and leading a homeschool group.

So Secrets to a Thriving Homeschool Group was born!

(actually there are not many “secrets” to starting a homeschool group. The information that is freely available at and my books and webinars, but the process can be a bit confusing and overwhelming)

Secrets of a Thriving Homeschool Group Description

Whether you’re in the “thinking about starting” phase or already have a group/co op, you’ve come to the right place. We’re here to help you make sure your group has the foundation that will enable it to thrive.

We talk about group structure and handling finances. Are you a nonprofit? Should you be?

If your group is a 501c3 or 501c7 nonprofit, we recommend you join the “I am a Homeschool Group Leader” FB group, at

If you are looking to be a tutor, sole proprietor, LLC, or other for profit entity, please join the Homeschool Trade Association at

This group is provided and actively moderated by Doreen Browning and Ashley Richards. We are experienced homeschool group and co-op leaders, as well as experienced FB group admins.

Full disclosure: Doreen and Ashley provide nonprofit, homeschool group and co-op consultant services. If your question is too involved for a quick FB answer, we will recommend you schedule a consultation.

So welcome the new Facebook Group Secrets to a Thriving Homeschool Group. I know it may be small now, but I know it will be a great help to all the people out there looking to start a homeschool group!

And occasionally I pop in there too!

Carol Topp, CPA

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