New feature for blog posts

I’ve been blogging here at for about four years. There’s over 200 blog posts here, most of them questions from homeschool leaders.

I frequently receive a question and think, “I’ve answered that question before…where it is on my blog?” I sometimes have trouble finding the answer. If I have trouble finding the answer in over 200 posts, I’m sure that you do too!

So I have just added a handy tool to help you out:  Related posts

At the end of each blog post, you will find 5 related posts based on the category and key words in the post.

For example, in my blog post of June 3, 2011 titled:

Do not use individual fund raising accounts

you’ll now find these related posts at the bottom of the page:

Related posts:

  1. The IRS and Fund Raising
  2. Update on the IRS and Booster Club Fundraising
  3. Can my individual homeschool have a fund raiser?
  4. What does the IRS mean by not allowing “private benefit” in a fund raiser?
  5. Individual fundraisers and homeschool groups


I think that will help you a lot!


Carol Topp, CPA

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