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I’ve added a new feature to help you find what you need here at

On the right sidebar you’ll find a Search box. Enter in a key word and see any blog posts that mention the word.

For example, a visitor to my website asked what kind of corporation her homeschool organization should be, maybe an LLC, she thought.

She can enter “LLC” into the Search box.

There she will find two blog posts about LLC status for homeschool groups.

The new Search feature should make it easier to find what you need.


Also, check out my new Bookstore page. I hired a software guru and homeschool dad, Chris Blair of  EBlairSolutions to spiff it up a bit and make it easier for you to order my books, ebooks and audios.

Carol Topp, CPA

P.S. See pictures form my recent trips to IN, PA and FL to speak to homeschool leaders like you on Facebook:



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