Seven Sins (and more) of Board Members


I found this list of Seven Deadly Sins of Board Members over at the Drive by Consulting blog. Many homeschool organizations have great boards filled with generous, helpful members. But sometimes we can fall into bad habits.

Give this list to your board members as you launch a new year as a gentle reminder that the mission of your group should be first in their minds.

Seven Deadly Sins of Board Members

  1. Gossip
  2. Breach of confidentiality
  3. Lone Ranger trusteeship (a leader thinking he/she can do it alone)
  4. Micro-management
  5. Unwillingness to ask hard questions and make difficult decisions
  6. Representation of special interests
  7. Self-dealing

Seven More Dangerous Sins of Board Members

  1. Pontification (arrogance)
  2. Always seeking the dark side
  3. Irregular attendance
  4. Thinking they run the organization
  5. Neglecting to support the CEO (or director)
  6. Focus on the present rather than the future
  7. Failing to listen

Any of these true of your board?


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